Dr. Helen K. Billings Scholarship Fund

The Montessori Institute of America (MIA) was officially founded under the direction of Helen K. Billings, Ph.D. Following her Montessori training in 1960 in Italy, Dr. Billings founded the Mid-America Montessori Teacher Preparation Center in Kansas City. She developed a course of Montessori teacher preparation in response to the increasing demands for trained Montessorians in the field of early childhood education. In 1972, Dr. Billings founded the Montessori Institute of America. Her original course of Montessori teacher preparation, which included a model for direction, classroom study, guided independent study and supervised internship, served as the model for MIA training programs. Today MIA continues hold Dr. Billings in high regard and strives to follow her example.

MIA’s Helen K. Billings Scholarship Fund endeavors to foster and encourage the Montessori philosophy and method of education throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the teacher preparation training model presented by Dr. Helen K. Billings and used in all MIA training programs.

The purpose of the Helen K. Billings Scholarship Fund is to encourage involvement in the Montessori community and to foster individual endeavors including academic work and training to receive certification as a Montessori Teacher, continuing education to maintain proficiency as a Montessori Teacher, or in-depth research pertaining to an aspect of Montessori Philosophy.

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