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General Membership Information Page – downloadable PDF

School Membership Levels Information Page – downloadable PDF

School Membership form – downloadable PDF


Attachment Pages for School Membership:

Infant-Toddler (Birth-Three) Inventory Lists – downloadable PDF

Early Childhood (Three-Six) Inventory List – downloadable PDF

Teacher Information Page attachment – downloadable PDF

If you want to submit your membership form and payment online please follow this link:


The following documents include information regarding MIA requirements and expectations.

MIA Certification Standards and Procedures – downloadable PDF

Application Processing Cycle for TEPs – downloadable PDF

It is strongly recommended that TEPs considering certification through MIA review the documents under the Information Documents tab (on this page) before applying.

This application has several attachments, for efficient processing be sure all documents are filled in completely before uploading them with your payment.

TEP Application downloadable PDF

Required attachments:

Note: if you are an established MACTE accredited program you may use the MACTE forms for the Schedule of Trainings, Faculty Summary Form, and Practicum Site list. Each TEP submission of documents to MIA must include a Summary Cover Page.

This section contains documents that TEPs will make use of throughout the year. It is recommended that a TEP keep these documents on hand.

Note: if you are already a MACTE accredited program, MIA will accept the MACTE version of the Adult Learner Registration List and the Graduation List. Each TEP submission of documents to MIA must include a Summary Cover Page.

Summary Cover Page – downloadable PDF – This document must be included each time a TEP sends in documents and fees to MIA.

Adult Learner Registration List – downloadable PDF –  This document must be submitted to MIA within 6 weeks of the start of a training.

Graduation List – downloadable PDF

Teacher Certification Application – downloadable PDF – Teacher Certification Applications are to be signed by several people during the Adult Learner’s time in the program. Adult Learners may choose to keep a copy of the application with them, collecting signatures throughout the process, and turn-in their application to the TEP director when they have finished the program.

If you want to submit your payment and documents online please follow this link:

Instructions for Submitting Documents and Payment

Download the applications and any related documents you need to your computer/device.

When completing the forms, please take care to fill in all fields completely in English (typed or printed). Incomplete forms delay processing.

Carefully check ALL name fields are spelled correctly in legible English. All names will be entered EXACTLY as they appear on the application. MIA is not liable for incorrect spelling or illegible lettering. These difficulties may slow down the processing of certificates.

Save the finished document to your computer/device. When you are ready to submit the document, and any needed attachments, you have several options:

  • You can use our Shop (by clicking the corresponding blue buttons) to select all the items you are paying for and upload your forms into those product purchases.
  • You can print the documents out and mail them to MIA with your payment. (Address on the forms)
  • You can email the documents to our National Office (address on the forms) and send a check separately to our National Office.