New Policy for Practicum Site Schools

To all MIA certified Practicum Site Schools,


Montessori Institute of America Board of Trustees is pleased to announce an exciting new policy regarding the organization of MIA membership schools.

Effective April 15, 2017, Montessori Institute of America will recognize all MIA certified Practicum Site Schools as MIA Member Schools with all the related benefits, including voting rights. Practicum Site Schools will need to submit both the Practicum Site Form and the School Membership Form with payment.

(Edit: Schools which are already affiliated with a non-MIA Teacher Education Program, which is MACTE affiliated, may submit documentation to that effect in lieu of the MIA Membership form and fee.)

We acknowledge that all Practicum Site Schools currently in good standing,  for the 2016-17 year, may not have time and enough advance notice to gather the necessary funds for this new policy. Therefore MIA is implementing a Special Policy for Current Practicum Site Schools. Under this policy, MIA will accept the standard practicum site fees and waive the membership dues for the 2017-2018 membership year.  The standard practicum site fees are still due and payable by June 30, 2017 for MIA certification year 2017-2018.

To make the most of your certification year, be sure to send in your Practicum Site dues within the renewal period May 1 – June 30!

Attached to this letter are updated forms: MIA School Membership Form, Practicum Site Form. A description of the MIA Member School levels and benefits is also attached.

Thank you for working with MIA. We appreciate that each of our Member Schools and associated Practicum Sites help MIA with its mission “to provide a harmonious, global organization to support Montessori philosophy through teacher preparation, schools, and individual members.”


MIA Board of Trustees




 ‘In good standing’ is defined as being currently up to date with all dues and/or fees owed to MIA.