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Membership to MIA is open to anyone interested in supporting the MIA’s goals according to our Vision and Mission statement.

Individual members include certified teachers, adult learners, Montessori parents, and interested parties. There is an annual registration fee. All members, except general and parent members, are eligible to vote in the election of Board members, policy changes, and changes to the MIA ByLaws.

Montessori schools can become members of MIA too. See the School Membership Level document below for details. Certified Practicum Sites are most often hosted by Member Schools.

MIA Teacher Education Programs are members upon certification.

All members receive membership confirmation letters, discounts to MIA functions, access to the newsletters, and schools also receive a membership endorsement suitable for display.

Membership Forms and Related Documents:

Please take care to fill in all fields completely in English (typed or printed). Incomplete forms delay processing.

Save the finished document to your computer/device. When you are ready to submit the document, and any needed attachments, you have several options:

  • You can print the documents out and mail them to MIA with your payment. (Address on the forms)
  • You can email the documents to our National Office (address on the forms) and send the payment separately.
  • You can fill in the Payment form at the bottom of this page, and upload the documents as indicated. (Payment online is by PayPal or credit card.)

Individual Membership Form

School Membership Form

(Note: This year ALL schools are asked to submit their forms with all attachments regardless of their renewal status.)

Additional Teacher Information Page (for School membership)

MIA School Membership Levels

Checklist of Materials – Infant & Toddler Inventory

Checklist of Materials – Early Childhood (3-6yr)

Checklist of Materials – Elementary I (6-9 yrs)

Ready to send in your forms?

Use the form below to submit your completed documents with your payment. Payment is accepted by Paypal or Credit Card. (If you prefer to render payment with a check please mail it to the address on the application.)