MIA Board of Trustees

2019 MIA Board of Trustees

Christine Munn                      Jane Wang                       Beverley Wolff – welcome to 2nd term

Maryann Johnston                Elianne Hudson                Normi G. Son – welcome

Heather Neill                          Debbie Henry                  Wenchao (Andy) Wang – welcome

Olivia Todd: Executive Administrator

Message of Gratitude
Thank you for your service to Montessori Institute of America.
Two Trustees are coming to the end of their terms (March 2019) of service on the MIA Board of Trustees.

Kathleen Sproles – has served as Trustee for three years and contributed on the following committees: Nominations Committee, Mission Statement Committee, and Event Support Committee

Wenru Sun – has served as Trustee for 6 years during which time she contributed greatly in advancing MIA’s presence in China. She also contributed on the following committees: Membership Committee

We are grateful for your faithful service as members of the Board of Trustees of Montessori Institute of America. We will miss your helpful presence on the Board. Thank you again for helping MIA achieve its mission in the United States and Asia.

Beverley Wolff - President
Christine Munn
Christine Munn - Vice President
Maryann Johnston
Maryann Johnston - Secretary-Treasurer
Elianne Hudson
Elianne Hudson - Recording-Secretary
Debbie Henry
Debbie Henry
Wenchao Wang (Andy)
Normi Son
Normi Son
Jane Wang
Heather Neil Nyslop
Heather Joy Neill