Why Montessori Institute of America?

Rich History

MIA was founded in the 1960's as Mid-America Montessori Teacher Preparation Center by Dr. Helen K. Billings in Kansas and began to grow rapidly. In 1972, this organization became Montessori Institute of America and began expansion across the USA and internationally. In 2014, MIA reorganized to better reflect its inclusion of the global community.

International Reach

MIA is an international organization. The demand for qualified Montessori teachers is growing, across the globe. Although MIA's headquarters is in the United States, our training programs reach out and supportĀ the international Montessori community.

Spiritual Element

In addition to the educational focus on the intellectual, physical and social aspects of a child, Montessori Institute of America recognizes the importance of Dr. Montessori's use of the term "spiritual", when referring to the development of the child. Montessori Institute of America believes this spiritual element is an important part of a curriculum.

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